Shark Dives!

Aquatica Charters was featured on Discovery Channel's Shark Week 2004 as one of the world's top places to dive with sharks.


Explore the mysterious realm of some of the most intriguing creatures of the ocean. Aquatica’s specially designed floating snorkel cage enables everyone to safely observe blue and mako sharks. Non-divers and swimmers are welcome! This is the ultimate thrill for the whole family!!!

Out-of-cage escorts, for advanced scuba divers only, are available during day trips. Our experienced safety divers conduct these dives.


The supreme shark adventure for advanced scuba divers. Experience the thrill of diving with pelagic sharks without the use of a cage. Groups are limited to a maximum of 10 divers to ensure the utmost of eye to eye contact with the sharks. This is an unforgettable adventure!!!

A minimum of 20 logged dives is required.

All Shark Expeditions have an educational emphasis. Informative presentations on chumming, shark reproduction, anatomy, and physiology are offered in an interactive format.

Hands-on experience is provided through SHARK TAGGING.

Assist Aquatica’s crew in collecting, tagging, documenting, and releasing juvenile sharks. You may even get to touch a shark!


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